Since 2000, Imperial Estates have cornered the growing market to adapt to the influx of people moving to South London. Imperial Estates has grown with demand, offering a professional service to all our clients, including those wishing to rent their properties.

Tenants entering into a legal lease agreement are often covenanted within the terms of the lease to ensure that the property is kept in good repair. The responsibilities of the in-going tenant can therefore be financially onerous when asking for an assessment of the condition of the property, before entering a into a legal commitment. A ‘Schedule of Dilapidation's’ is usually prepared which can be used to asses diminution value, or the cost of repairs, to bring the property into a state of repair within the terms of the lease.

With the advent of recent legislation such as the Environmental Act 1990 and the Landlord & Tenant Act, Landlords have a statutory obligation to ensure their Tenants enjoy peace and quiet and to keep the property free from defects.

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