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Location - 12º N 61.4º W
Capital - St. George's
Area - 133 square miles
Population - 97,000 (approximately)
Official Language - English.
 Currency - The Eastern Caribbean dollar EC$. Expected exchange rate US$1.00 = EC$2.60-2.70.
 Climate - Temperatures range from 83ºF (29ºC) to 88ºF (24ºC) though notably cooler in the hills.
Located at the southern most tip of the Windward Islands, Grenada boasts over 40 picturesque white beaches with turquoise waters, delicate rainforests, breathtaking views and unique and historical sites. This is Grenada, a full-bodied, gorgeous spice island.

We at Gordon & Keenes International appreciate the need to exist in such warmth and beauty and that is why we work in collaboration with local agents and developers to ensure that we offer the best properties.

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