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Location - 10.50º N 61.50º W
Capital - Port of Spain
Area - 1,864 square miles
Population - 1,300,000 (1994)
Official Language - English
Location - 11º N 60º W
Capital - Scarborough
Area - 116 square miles
 Currency - The Trinidad dollar TTD$. Floating exchange rate, currently US$1.00 = TTD$6.24.
 Climate - Tropical with average maximum temperatures of 89ºF (32ºC).
Located at the southernmost end of the Caribbean archipelago, T'n'T harbours many wonders and secrets: the bat caves of Mount Tamana, sightless fish and a colony of oilbirds. Trinidad, unsurpassed in its ability to turn any event into a fete, will keep you on the go and Tobago…with its life in the tropics allure…offers palm-fringed beaches and a mellowing effect after Trinidad.

We at Gordon & Keenes International we are happy to be a part of the diverse and unique spirit that is T'n'T We facilitate varying needs-short/long-term rentals, investment and development opportunities or holiday homes-and through our collaborations with local agents and developers we are able to offer a quality selection of properties.

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