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Location - 17.2º N 62.5º W
Capital - Basseterre
Area - 68 square miles
Population - 31,880 (approx.)
Official Language - English
Location - 17° N 61.3° W
Area - 36 square miles
Population - 3,120 (approx.)
 Currency - The Eastern Caribbean dollar EC$. Expected exchange rate US$1.00 = EC$2.60-2.70..
 Climate - Average daytime temperature is 84ºF (28ºC).
The land of hidden treasures and an unspoilt way of life, enriched by its cultural heritage making St. Kitts a delightful and precise Caribbean hideaway.

Gordon & Keenes International are pleased to extend a chance to partake in such paradise through our collaborations with local agents and developers, we offer a prime collection of properties.

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