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Location - 18º N 77º W
Capital - Kingston
Area - square miles
Population - 2,100,000 (approximately)
Official Language - English.
 Currency - The Jamaican dollar JA$. Exchange rate varies. May 2002 £ 1.00 = JA$ 66.00.
 Climate - Average daytime temperatures is 83ºF (29ºC).
The land of varying cultures symbolised by its motto - Out of many One people - with its varying climatic changes, from the sun drenched beaches to its cool mountainous atmosphere, epitomised by the beautiful coves of Portland and the coffee regions of the blue mountains.

Historically the playground of Europe and The Americas, Jamaica still offers the most relaxed quality life. Gordon & Keenes International offers a selection of properties to suit every desire. We engage in collaborations with local agents and developers to ensure that we offer an extensive and comprehensive service.

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